Knowledge base

Member Tools (2)

This category shows your how a sample site will look from your members view. These are here to illustrate how the Member View works with a typical set up. Take a moment to view the screens shots and directions here and make your own 'member guide' using your own clubs site.

Data Management (6)

Learn more about your Waitlist form

Finances (6)

This section contains articles that cover the Orders, Payments, Guest Pass Sales, Create Bills and View Bills screens

Front Desk (5)

Learn about our front desk checkin feature and Visits reporting!

Products (9)

These article show you how to set up a new charges or discounts for your members. (Products can be fees, dues, discounts, penalties, late charges, bonds etc.)

Reservations (3)

Encourage your members to get engaged within your community.

Website Platform (6)

Take a tour of the WordPress Menu Bar

Best Practices (2)

Find new board training materials as well as a complete post season clean up list here!

Forms (6)

Helpful hints for building Gravity Forms!

Tickets & the Support Portal (2)

Steps to log in to the support portal here you can submit a ticket and track its progress.