Work through this checklist at the start of each season to make sure your club is ready to start collecting member dues payments.

1. Check to make sure all accounts are marked as UNPAID.  When you are ready to start the next season all your accounts back to Unpaid.  To do this you will need to do a 'bulk change' to all of your accounts. The "bulk change" instructions are here, just click on this link.

2. Check your PRODUCT Prices.  Ensure that your Products reflect your current pricing for the new year.  To edit a price:  PRODUCTS > PRODUCTS > HOVER OVER THE PRODUCT YOU WANT TO EDIT > EDIT >Change the amounts listed in the FLAT RATE PRICING or PER MEMBER PRICING boxes > CLICK UPDATE IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE PAGE.

3.Check your Late Fee or Early Bird Discount Dates.  Ensure that your Products reflect current late fee or early bird discount dates for the new year.  To edit a date:  PRODUCTS > PRODUCTS > HOVER OVER THE PRODUCT YOU WANT TO CHANGE > EDIT > FLAT RATE PRICING – VARIATION TYPE  > ENTER THE START DATE OF THE DISCOUNT > ENTER THE END DATE OF THE DISCOUNT (Use your club’s closing date if there is no end date to the late fee) > EDIT THE AMOUNT (Positive numbers reflect an increase in fees (e.g. Late Fee), while negative numbers reflect a discount) > ADD A DESCRIPTION OF THE FEE OR DISCOUNT > CLICK UPDATE IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE PAGE

4. Check your ACCOUNT TAGS.  Click here for a tutorial on Tags and how they can help you to offer price variations to different groups within your membership.

5. Test your PRODUCTS to make sure members will be prompted to pay the right amount.  Search for the family (MEMBERS > LIST ACCOUNTS > LAST NAME > IS LIKE > three letters of last name) > SWITCH TO to see their account as they would see it when they login > Click HERE in the red payment bar at the top.  This will show you what the member will be prompted to pay, which should match with their account type > Switch back to admin mode. Top right corner, hover over HOWDY ACCT: name and then click SWITCH BACK TO ADMIN/BOARD). Do this test with all account types.

If you make changes in account types which are referenced in a product rule, make sure to go back into the product and save so it updates those account types.


  • Ensure ACCOUNT SETTINGS, DIRECTORY SETTINGS and FORMS accurately reflect the Club’s policies and procedures.  In most cases, these settings will not change from year to year.
  • Ensure FRONT DESK SETTINGS include all account types that will be allowed to check-in at the pool on Opening Day.  
  • Ensure your guest fees are correctly configured in the settings also.
  • Ensure that all tabs under PAYMENT SETTINGS accurately reflect the Club’s policies and procedures.  In most cases, these settings will not change from year to year.

7. Review MEMBER SPLASH Dashboard.  Ensure that prices for guest pass purchase at the front desk are accurate. When you click on the CHECK IN tab, you will see a Settings icon appear in the upper left-hand corner.  Click on the Settings button and update the prices / settings as appropriate.

8.  Create Tags in Mailchimp.  If you want to keep a segment as it is at the end of the season, you will need to add a tag in Mailchimp.  This way no matter what the payment status or account type, the group will stay intact.  This is used by pools who need to know who paid last year.

9. Take all products out of draft mode

10. Do annual data cleanup - This is a good time to clean up any data on memberships that do not conform to your pools rules and policies.  

Note:  Member Splash customers are expected to complete the above each year to prepare their clubs for the upcoming season. Should you find an issue, click here to open a support ticket.