This checklist will help you wrap-up your season at the end of the year. We want make sure that your club administrator and board have all the information you need to end the season on a firm footing and be able to plan for next year. 

1. Take a look at your accounts both PAID and UNPAID.   Review the status of your members and determine what went right.  Take a look at your unpaid accounts and decide how you wish to handle them for next season (will they be offered membership again or will they be asked to pay back dues).  Make sure you have done this before you start preparing for next season and resetting the your membership to UNPAID.  (Please see "New Season Checklist" for better understanding of the complete yearly cycle.) 

2. Check your MEMBER ACCOUNTS.   Do a spot check on the your members account to be sure they are paid up for the year and have no outstanding balance on the snack bar or facilities rentals.  

3. Determine the need for back-billing and fees.   Once you have reviewed the data on your membership and finances for the season you will want to determine if there are any clean-up efforts needed. Do you need to assess fees on members that did not rejoin the pool? Do you want to give last years members a credit? 

4. Review your FACILITIES RESERVATIONS set-up.  The reservations system was a key feature for the 2021 season. Take a look at your facility groups, facilities, programs and events - which ones worked for your members? Which facilitates need some attention given their popularity and use?  What facilitates can we eliminate? Do the limits need to be update?  

5. Check your ACCOUNT TAGS.  Determine if account tags may be helpful for next year and tag customers appropriately for the coming season.  Click here for a tutorial on Tags and how they can help you to offer price variations to different groups within your membership.

6. Review your PRODUCTS & Point of Sale Items (POS).  Determine if products need to updated to attract new members. Do we need a "Young Family Membership" to attract family's with children under the age of 7 to our pool?   See if your POS items are outdated or need a refresh. Think about what may sell well in the next year (plastic cups, ice, baby needs, Swim team items). 

7. Review your Club’s policies and procedures & Waivers.  See if there is a need to update your policies and procedures. If there is a need then this may be the time to review it with your membership and have all the language set in time for next season.  See if you need a new waiver for your pool. 

8.  Send an end of year message.  Keeping in touch with your members is a great way to get feedback and ensure that they will be returning next year!