A number of our client clubs require waiver forms in order for members or guests to access the pool. A typical use case is a waiver granting permission for a younger teen to use the pool without an accompanying parent. Member Splash provides the ability to create and track these forms and show the form status on the check-in screen.


The forms are displayed to the members on the Manage Account screen and open in an overlay window. They automatically expire at the end of the calendar year, meaning that members will be required to re-submit each subsequent season. Once submitted a waiver form will not be displayed again to the member for the rest of the year.


This is what a required Adult Waiver form prompt looks like when the member is viewing their account.


Clicking on the waiver button opens the following modal window: 


Once submitted the waiver will be indicated on the check-in screen like so: 


** It is important to note that the waiver status is strictly informational for the guards, a lack of a waiver won’t prevent a member from checking in. It is up to your club to make sure the guards know what the club policy is regarding waivers. 


Setting up a Waiver Form

The basic fields needed for a waiver form to function are Member # and Consent. Since the waivers are built using the form tool you can do much more with them if you like. You can have notifications emailed to any address(es) you choose; you can add additional fields; you can view and export the entries; etc. A typical waiver form would likely also want to include the Acct #  and Member Name.

NOTE: The digital signature field can not be used in a waiver form due to the way it is displayed. You can use a name field or simple text field for initials instead.


You can download this sample adult waiver form and import it into your site (Forms -> Import / Export ) to use as a starting point.


First go to Forms -> New FormGive your form a title (description is optional) and then hit the blue Create Form button. The form title is what will show up on the check-in screen so you’ll want to keep it as short and precise as possible. For example, “Adult Waiver” is good. “2019 Adult Member Waiver Form” is not. The form will be created and you will be redirected to the drag-and-drop form editor.


At the top right under Member Splash Fields drag Acct ID and Member # fields onto the form. These fields will be automatically populated with the account number and the member id number and are hidden on the front end by default (the member won’t see them). Member # is the critical one as that links the form entry to the individual member.


The next field you’ll likely want (though again, it isn’t required) is a Name field. That way if you want to view or export the form entries it is easy to see who has submitted. You’ll find this one under the Advanced Fields group. 


In order to populate the name field automatically and prevent it from showing up to the member you need to click on the field’s Advanced tab and change a few settings. First, under Visibility select Hidden. Right below it check the box labeled Allow field to be populated dynamically and below that fill in first_name and last_name (exactly that way, with an underscore between the words) in the Parameter Name boxes for First and Last, as shown here: 


The last field you’ll need is the waiver itself — the actual text they are agreeing to and a check box to indicate that they are in fact agreeing. For this we use another field from the Advanced Fields group, Terms of Service.


In the Terms of Service field the Field Label is the form title that will be displayed to the person filling out the form.

The Description field is optional. You can use it to present information to the member about the form and how to complete it.

The Terms is the field where you'll enter your actual waiver text. 

Next you'll want to make sure you have an option for them to select acknowledging they agree to the terms and check the box to make agreeing to the terms required. Although it doesn't apply to club waivers you could set up a form that allows a member to accept or decline to accept certain conditions by adding an additional choice.

Note that if you check the box requiring full scroll a member will have to scroll to the end of your waiver text or they will not be able to submit the form.

You now have all of the necessary fields in place and can add any additional ones your club might require.


The last step to make the form active is to go to the form settings and indicate that it is to be used on the Manage Account screen. After saving the form (by hitting the blue Update button on the right underneath the field groups) go to Settings -> Form Settings at the top of the form. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings screen and you’ll see a section labeled Member Splash Options. Check the box to use the form on the manage account screen and then set up the conditions for which members to display it for and whether it is required or optional. Currently you can select by member type (adult, child, etc.) or by age range (ex: 12-15).


Hit the blue Update Form Settings button and your waiver is now live.


It is possible to have multiple forms per member.