Configure Guest Credits Settings

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This tutorial will explain how to configure the settings on your Front Desk Check In system in preparation for Opening Day with special concern for setting up guest credits. 

There are two places that you’ll need to check your settings.  

The first place that you’ll need to check your front desk setting is in the check-in screen itself.  This sections contains the information on the guest credits.  Click on the Member Splash Dashboard tab.  Then click on Front Desk >> Checkin.  

Clicking on the down arrow in the Search field will display those search criteria that you just configured in your Front Desk Settings.  Click on the "Settings" button in the upper right corner.  

  1. First, enter the number of credits to deduct for each guest type.  You may select a different rate for adults vs. children and for weekends vs. weekdays.  The system will automatically know which days are weekends and will adjust the required credits accordingly.
  2. In the example, the rate for an adult guest is $5 on the weekday and $10 on the weekends.  The rate for a child guest is $5 on the weekday and $10 on the weekends.
  3. If you have additional pricing parameters, such as price reductions in the evening, you may want to check the box that will allow your front desk attendant to override the automatically calculated number of credits to deduct per guest and manually select a number.
  4. If your club allows some guests to come in free of charge, such as visiting grandparents, or children under 2, then click the Enable No Charge Option.
  5. Determine whether or not to Require Guest Names.   We recommend requiring names so that guests will be included in your Visits Reports.  This will help you enforce your by-laws if your club has restrictions on the number of times a guest may use the pool during a season.
  6. Enter the price per credit.  In this example, we are using $5.00 per credit since our guest fee prices of $5 and $10 have the common denominator of 5.  

If you have additional pricing parameters, such as price discounts for the purchase of multiple credits, you can check the box that will allow your front desk attendant to override the automatic price calculation and manually select a number.  However, it’s worth noting that offering price discounts only for guest passes purchased in advance of arriving at the pool can incentivize members to pre-purchase, minimizing longer transactions at your front desk.  Should you wish to further  incentivize pre-purchases you can disable the guest pass purchase from the front desk entirely.  Automatic price calculations are also easier for your Treasurer to reconcile. 

The other setting that you will want to review are the default and Standard payment options.  You can also 

Next, click on each of the Payment Options that you wish to accept at your front desk, and then on the one option that will be your default option. 

If your club chooses not to allow guest passes to be purchased at the pool at all, then click the Disable Guest Pass Purchases checkbox.  Members will still be permitted to purchase guest credits in advance by logging in to their Member Splash accounts.

Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.    You are now ready to Check members in to the pool.

The second place in the Front Desk Settings tab.  Go to Member Splash Settings and then Front Desk Settings.  

You will choose which fields to use when looking up member accounts at check-in.  We recommend using Last Name, since everyone knows that and it eliminates the need for anyone to know their account number or carry a membership card.

Next, you’ll select which account types are allowed to check in.  This is important, since it may have changed since the end of last season.  You’ll want to ensure that checkmarks are next to only those accounts who will be eligible to use the pool on Opening Day, if they have paid their dues.  Closed accounts, Waitlisted Accounts, and partial season accounts should not be checked.  

While it is possible to exclude Unpaid accounts from being displayed on the check-in screen, it’s often easier for the front desk agent to find an account and see that it is unpaid, than to not be able to find the account at all, so we recommend leaving this box unchecked.

At the bottom of the page, you may select to include a Legacy Account # and Check-In Notes on the check in screen if you wish.  There is a separate tutorial on how Check In Notes work.

Click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the page.

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