Setting up Guest Credit Products

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Member Splash uses digital guest credits to replace traditional paper guest passes. You can sell them individually or in "books" of credits. You can also allow members to purchase multiple credits or books of credits at the same time.

In this example we're going to create a product for a book of 10 Guest Credits. Note that "credits" and "passes" tend to get used interchangeably so feel free to use whichever terminology you feel is more clear to your members.

Select Products -> Add New from the left hand navigation menu.

Enter the name for the product. 

Optionally add a description of the product. Typically something like "Book of 10 guest credits for $50. Guest fees are 2 credits per adult, 1 per child."

For the Fee Type (on the right hand side of the screen) you must choose Guest Fee. This is critical as it is what triggers the credits being automatically added to the member's account.

Scroll down to the box labeled Flat Rate Pricing.That simply means that there is a fixed priced for each book of credits (as opposed to something like membership dues which might be priced per-member).

If you are charging $50 for the book of 10 credits you would enter that here.

Next scroll to Guest Pass Options and enter the number of passes for the booklet, in this case 10.

If you wish to allow your members to purchase multiple books of credits at the same time scroll to the Product Options box, select the checkbox labeled Show Quantity Option? and select the maximum number of books they should be allowed to purchase at one time. NOTE: The limit applies to this specific order, not a cumulative number of guest passes. For example, if you set the limit to 5, as shown below, a member could purchase up to 5 books of 10 credits for a total of 50 credits at one time. If they wanted more they could then place another order for additional books.

Now scroll down to the Show / Hide / Require Rules box.  Here you can control which accounts are eligible to purchase guest credits. This is optional; if you don't set any rules then any account type would be able to purchase credits. Please see the full article on Show / Hide / Require Rules.

Set the rule to show to make guest passes an optional charge for your members. 


After you have configured and published the product it will show up on the Make a Payment screen like so:

With that you're all set!

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