Products 101 - The Basics

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Review of the structural components of a product

Products within member splash have multiple components. The two key structural components for pricing are in Blue and Red, we will cover these in this article 

Yellow -  Basic summary information - See Fee Types - Use and Importance for more information on the fee types

Green - Internal Notes (optional) 

Blue - Pricing Modules

Red  - Rules and settings and the post payment actions

 The video below will help you understand key functions and must be used in conjunction with the artile here.



The first structural component contains the pricing modules.

As a standard Rule only one pricing model can be used for each product. (for example if you put a price into flat rate pricing module; and it on the per member pricing module the system will not allow that product to price correctly you must select one or the other)

let's take a look at key pricing modules: (in Blue) 

Flat rate pricing module just as the name describes it allows you to place a flat rate charge on your members. the flat rate is very versatile as it can be used for membership fee, discount fees, penalty fees  maintenance fees, Bond fees and the like.   this pricing module be the workhorse of your product building needs


Per member pricing module. this price module changes at the member level versus the account level this month has great content up in most cases the per member is only for machines specifically requires a different price for each member of the family it can be used for other items please use caution once said this particular essentially only built for membership fees.

Age base and member type pricing are actually two different types of pricing. they are rarely used member splash has put them into one module. This pricing module is used for clubs that would like to build their customers based on the age of the member it also can be used if you would like to bill your clients based on their member type (Ie  child,  adult, grandparent adult child infant).  

User defined pricing , is really a fancy word for allowing your members to make a donation and in most cases it is used for justice that. this pricing module allows your members to define how much they're going to pay you and as such it has little application for mandatory charges  

House guest options - some clubs Call this the Nanny fee.  This product allows your members to place an additional person on their account for the seasons.  Fee the unique thing about this product is that the house guest member will come off of the account at the end of the year. thus allowing your houseguests to pay this fee again the following year if they remain with the family

Account balances or credits our special products generally set up by your onboarding technician that allow you to pass specific charges on to your clients please see our full solutions article on account balance products for more details.

Guest pass options, this final pricing module we saved for last because it requires three different components to get this product to work correctly.  For this product you must use the flat rate pricing module in conjunction with two ‘guest pass specific’ modules. The two guests passed specific modules that you need to fill in are guest pass options and product options.  

                The flat rate holds the price, the guest pass options holds the number of passes that will be placed on the members account and the product options allows the member to purchase multiples of the product.  The flat rate module and the guest pass options module are mandatory for the product to work. The product options are not mandatory.  See Add a New Product - Guest Pass Pack for more details. 

The second structural component contains the rules and settings and the post payment actions. (in Red)

The rules and settings are contained in the Show / Hide / Require Rules dropdown. this drop down contains the functionality that allows your product to apply to specific account types, account tags, payment flags, and even selected products. Please note selected products is an advanced feature and will require some additional time for you to understand it’s purpose and function  

The post payment action drop down allows you to move your members accounts or tag them with any tag you have previously defined once the charge is paid.  this is critical for proper movement of your accounts from one position or one category t Bingo another rules and settings for the product

There is an item for internal notes  (in green) that only appears to pools admins. This is available to you so that you can take notes on what the product does and how it works. Many pools admins leave themselves and their follow board members notes on yearly updates that must ne done to the product to make it work correctly in future years.   

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