Member Splash sets up all of your charges and discounts when you on-board. Occasionally a club will want to add a new billable item to their offering, like a Maintenance fee or even perhaps a new discount.  

Both charges and discounts are set up using the "product" .   

In order to add a new product, you first need to think about the type of product you want. 

  1. Do you want it to be a Flat Fee, a Fee per-person or even a Discount? 
  2. What category of fee is this?  
  3. What "Fee Type" should you use (Free Types are extremely important and are the cause of many charges not billing correctly. For a full review see Fee Type article 
  4. How should it look to the members?  
  5. Which members should be charge the fee or which ones should get the discount? 

Once you have thought through your new product the directions below will make it easy to setup and begin billing. 

Flat Rate Pricing Example

In this example we will charge our members a Flat Fee. It is a Maintenance & Activity Fee of $100 and it applies to every member at the club. 

Select Products>> Add New>> 

1.  Fill in the name (as it appears on the the members bill), the Description and the Fee Type 

2. Scroll Down>>

3. As you can see Member Splash offers you a range of pricing options (Flat Rate, Per Member, Age & Member Type Based, House Guest and finally User Define) .

4. The is a Flat Rate so we will select the Flat Rate Pricing option. 

 (IMPORTANT NOTE - Use only 1 option when setting up a product. You must decided which pricing option you are going to use.  Said another way DO NOT fill in prices for "Flat Rate Pricing" and "per-members" pricing.  You can choose to use only one of the pricing options: Flat Rate, Per Member, Age & Member Type, House Guest, etc. 

5. Click Flat Rate Pricing and simply add in your Price.  (NOTE: We will review Price Variations in the video at the bottom of this article. 

6. Now all you need to do is either save the it as a draft for use later OR Publish it to start billing now!

Price Variations - 

Need to add:  Show & Require, Applies to only 1 account type and Post Payment Transaction items...