Building A "Special Pricing" Product

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Special Pricing products come in handy when you need to create products for members who have extenuating circumstances and cannot pay the entire dues payment at one time. For example, maybe the member has a spending limit on a credit card and will need to make 2 payments or a family member becomes ill and the billing member can't make the dues payment on before the date that a late fee kicks in, so you want to waive that associated late fee. A "Special Pricing" product will allow the pool admin to charge the member the cost of the original product in increments or without removing the late fee variation from the standard product. 

Video on Special Pricing Products from our Webinar and Q&A Series: Special Pricing Products Overview

Steps for Building A "Special Pricing" Account Type and Product. 

1. Build an account type called “Special Pricing.”  This is the foundation of your product pricing. 

The majority of your members should bill in just a few account types.  Members have to be in their correct account types to price correctly.  View, Add or Remove an Account Type

A Note on the Fee Type for Your Special Pricing Product: If your Special Pricing product is a Membership Dues product, go ahead and use your Membership Dues fee type. If the members will be purchasing this product multiple times (say you've broken the dues payment up into 2 equal increments, for example), you'll want to manually manage their payment status from the edit account screen - marking them either Paid or Unpaid as needed. 

2. Build the product so that it applies only to members in the “Special Pricing” account type. Add A New Product - Flat Rate Pricing. Remember to apply your Show/Hide/Require rule and set the Rule Type to: Rule Type = Account Type, Comparison = Is and Field = Special Pricing. 

3. Move the member to the account type called “Special Pricing.” From the dashboard, go to Membership > Accounts. Then search for the member. Once you find them, click the 'Edit' button. Locate the Account Type in the member's account screen, then select the 'Special Pricing' account type from the dropdown list. Don't forget to hit the green 'Update Account' button to complete the process. 

4. Allow the member to pay for the charges either by check or via the 'Make A Payment' icon from their account screen. 

5. After Payment is made, move the member back to his or her original Account Type. Follow the same instructions you used to change the member's account type to 'Special Pricing' in order to place the member back in the original account type.

6. Put the Special Pricing product into draft and save it for future use.

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