Checking in Guests and Purchasing Guest Credits at the Front Desk

Modified on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 02:12 PM

This Video shows the guest pass purchase process & the guest pass use process in 3 different setups. 

Guest Pass Purchase at the Pool


After you have followed the steps to Check in Members at the pool, follow these steps to add and accept payment for Guests. 


After you have pulled up an account and selected members, you have the ability to add guests before completing check in. Click on the blue ADD GUESTS button to add guests.

A menu will be presented that on the right shows available guest credits to use immediately or the ability to buy guest credits shown on the left. If an account has sufficient available credits, you select the number of credits required for entry based on your pre-determined guest pass fee schedule. For example adults may take 2 credits while a child takes 1 credit. After selecting the # of credits, you type the guests name and select the green + sign to add the guest. You do this for each guest noting that the available credits declines each time you add a guest. When complete select the blue SUBMIT button.

PURCHASING CREDITS: If the account did not have sufficient guest credits available, members can purchase them at the front desk. On the left hand side of the screen you can enter the number of credits they wish to purchase and indicate how they would like to pay. Hit the green PURCHASE button, collect the money if required, and the credits will immediately populate on the right hand side under Available Credits. Credits can be purchased by cash, check, credit or bill to account based on the settings that your club predetermined and set up in front desk settings.

Once you have added all your guests names and hit the blue SUBMIT button, you will see a confirmation menu pop up. You can edit/remove the guests at this point or hit the green SUBMIT button to continue. After you have added your guests you  finalize check in by selecting the green COMPLETE CHECK IN button. Your guest pass purchases and check in are now complete.

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