'On account' v 'Credit Card' payments (Finances and Front Desk)

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This Article discusses the difference between using the 'on account' feature with Member Splash and processing a credit card.  For a simpler version of this article see How to Enable On Account in the Point of Sale section of our Solutions Articles. 

'On account'

At present the clubs can use the "On account" function which is available in our Point of Sale system for snack bar purchases & in our Front Desk checkin screen when purchasing guest passes. 

"On account"  keeps a balance on the members account for everything they purchase. The 'On Account' payment method option can be enabled in your POS Settings. To access the POS Settings, click the Point of Sale tab in the Member Splash Menu Bar and find the blue 'Settings' button on the left side of the dashboard: Point of Sale 101

The Point of Sale Screen View when members buy items at the Snack Bar (POS system) :

Front Desk Checkin Screen View: when members buy guest passes at the front desk 

(The POS system is a feature on the Essentials and Premium plans. A Basics plan level account would require an upgrade to access the POS system)  

When the pool admins runs the bills they are consolidated into a bill and put on the members account. 
From there the member can pay the full bill with a credit card. This is done right through their manage account screen. 
Learn more about reacting bills sending them to member accounts:
This process allows you to go almost cashless and allows the members to leave the credit card at home. It also saves time at the front desk as the staff does not have to 'run the card'.

'Credit Card'

Member Splash does not, at this time, integrate with a credit card reader. If you want to use a credit card at the time of service (not accumulate the charges and bill the members)  most pools continue to use "clover', 'square' or other 'terminal device'.   

Credit Card Purchases at the Front Desk:

When a member opts to pay with a credit card at the check-in screen to purchase guest passes, the staff member will ring up the requested number of credits and corresponding $ amount. 

Before completing the purchase in Member Splash, they'll run the credit card on the terminal device and if the transaction is approved, then they'll click the green purchase button. They'll see a green pop-up box that says Purchase Successfully Recorded.  

That will prompt the system to create an order. That order can be viewed under Bills > Guest Pass Orders tab. Those orders will be marked paid. The order will also display in the Payment History section of the member's account. 

Credit Card Purchases in the POS System:

When using the Point of Sale system, the process is very similar. The staff member will select the requested menu items, then select the "credit" option from the drop down menu. 

They'll run the credit card on the terminal device and if approved, the staff member can click the Submit Order buttonon their POS screen. They will be prompted to either print a receipt or skip printing. This action also creates an order in the platform. Point of Sale orders can be viewed under the Point of Sale tab > View Orders. These orders will also display with a paid payment status. 

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