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Modified on Wed, 27 Dec 2023 at 09:01 AM

The members screen follows the same design and general functionality of the Accounts screens in Membership > Accounts.  The information on the Member screens is specific to data at the member level (rather than account) 

This feature can be found in Membership > Members.

Users can:

  • Search for members by last name, first name, acct #, email, or legacy acct ID.
  • Filter the members list by account type, payment status, member type, and member details like guest status or billing member status
  • Filter by one field of missing member data at a time, like missing member photos, missing email addresses, etc.
  • Save, update, create, and delete filters
  • Choose which standard member fields to show in the data table
  • Print ID Cards
  • Download CSV of selected member data
  • Edit members
  • Delete members only if they are NOT billing members

On initial load, this screen shows members of all account types, all payment statuses, and all member types. It also includes currently active guests. It will not show inactive guests at all.


Available Filters:

Note that you can only select one field at a time under "Filter By Missing Member Data".

 Instructions for downloading your report 

1.  Click the Box at the top of the screen to Select all of the records on the page.

2. This will bring up the option to select every record, (not just the first 25) 

      “All 78 records on this page are selected. Select all 78 records “

3. Click the link that says “Select all 78 records”.  

4.  The screen will confirm you are selecting all records. 

5. Click the DOWNLOAD CSV Button.

6. Your report will download as normal. 

Print ID Cards:

You can select specific members to print ID cards by checking the box to the left of the Actions column. A PDF will be generated with only those selected members ID cards. Or you can opt to print ID cards for all members following the same steps noted above to select all records. 

Editing and deleting members:

You can edit all members who show up in the members list. However, you can only delete members who are NOT billing members. This is indicated by the grayed-out "Delete" button, which tell you that the current member you are trying to delete is a billing member. Account billing members can be changed first by going to Membership > Accounts. Once the desired member is no longer a billing member, they can be deleted.

Find Missing Member Photos with the Member Screen Filter:

Did you know that you can use the filter report on the Membership > Members screen to find members who haven’t uploaded a photo yet? Just click the Manage Filter button, scroll down to the “Filter by Missing Member Data” section and choose Photo. The report return a list of members who are missing photos.

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