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Modified on Wed, 14 Jun 2023 at 01:42 PM

There is a quick and easy way to find the answers you are looking for...  For you ease and convenience  the "order of the Solutions Articles" in the Solutions page follows the "order of the Menu Bars"  

So if you know where you spent the bulk of your time doing work in "reservations" you can quickly find all the articles on Reservations in one category   Each Menu item has a devoted category containing all of the needed solutions. This way your don't need to leave the category to see all the information available. 

For example the Member Splash Menu Bar (across the top) starts with these items and they runs left to right. 
  • Dashboard
  • Admin
  • Membership
  • Communications
  • Front Desk
  • Reservations
  • Point of Sale
  • Finance 

When you go to the Solutions pages you will see the articles are organized in the same line up, from the top to to bottom.
 (you do have to scroll down about a page to get past some of the extraneous items). 

We start with the Dashboard and scroll down through the categories until you get to the item you are looking for. 


•Membership  etc

In this way, if you are looking for all the articles on Reservations you know to scroll past  Dashboard, Admin,  Membership, Communications, Front Desk, until you get to the Reservations section. All of the articles on Reservations will be in this one category. 

In each category we have sub-categories in which we have tries to group like items.  In this example we have 3 sub-categories.   

The same pattern Follow for the WordPress menu bar, only in this case this menu runs top to bottom rather then left to right

Member Splash Setting, Payments, etc. (please note that some plan level do not contain all the menu options) 

Once you get to the category you want you can pull up the article and print it from the page if needed. 

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