Applies to Essentials and Premium tiers.

The Member Splash events calendar supports importing events from external sources both as a one-time import and as an automatic recurring synchronization. The example we'll use here is importing events from a shared Google calendar. How to share a Google calendar and find the URL to use for synchronizing is covered here:

The first step is to go the Settings menu

Once you are in settings, choose the Import/Export tab to set up the feeds:

Type in the name of the feed and copy the link (you need to have found this prior to starting).  Then click on advanced options and add a category, venue and published type:

You can set a schedule for the synch to occur.  And if you want the event to show up immediately, hover over the feed and you’ll see fetch now.

Now your events will show up in the calendar and you can look at them by category or venue.  Enjoy!