Basic QuickBooks Processes

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While Member Splash does not offer QuickBooks "integration," we do have some best practices that will help with your processing. In general, what we have always told clubs is that QB is to be used for your actual bookkeeping. It's where clubs keep track of all expenses and revenue. In QB clubs need to know how much money is coming in for things like dues, team fees, etc. But clubs don't need to have individual records in QB that record each individual payment -- which is what a lot of clubs are use to doing. Clubs get a check for $500 from Paul for dues and they go record it in QB. Some of them actually create Paul as a Customer and then issue an invoice. Which means creating records in QB for every single account. This is quite a lot of work for a volunteer.  

What we suggest instead is simply running the report (on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis) and then add a journal entry in QB for each of your revenue categories. Enter a single lump amount each month with the category set to Income -> Dues so it can be tracked over the year.

If the club wants to know if Paul has specifically paid, they check that in Member Splash. In QB clubs just need to be able to track profit and loss, total revenue, etc. We offer a way to do it that's much faster and easier than what clubs are probably currently doing. 

Here are the basics,  In QB you have accounts for the various things you collect money for, it can be as fine-grained as your club wants. Some clubs lump swim and dive money together as "Team Fees," but others may want to track Swim Fees, Dive Fees or even Swim 15-18, Swim 12-15, Junior Sharks, etc.

The same is true on the Dues. Clubs may just lump it into one big dues category or may want to record it by account type. Clubs can still track expenses, revenue etc. in QuickBooks in the broad categories - and full detail at the member level is all available in Member Splash.

Then you enter a Journal Entry like so. It credits the Club Revenue: Dues category for $12,580 -- the amount the club theoretically collected in dues for the given week. It debits the club's checking account.

And in the register for the bank account that Journal entry looks like this: 

And finally if you then run a report on Dues, you get this: 

So that's really all there is to it. Just pull the report from the Member Splash Sales Summary report once a month. 

Record a handful of journal entries in QB and you're done! Most accountants or bookkeeper are going to be completely familiar with this. The only shift in thinking is that there might not be a need to have every single individual transaction in QB, just the top line numbers.  

*note if you are syncing the clubs bank account directly with QB, the categories from Membersplash will not appear.

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