Delete Orders (Paid, Pending and On account Orders)

Modified on Fri, 06 Oct 2023 at 08:46 AM

Member Splash has consolidated the function to deleted orders to the Finance >Orders screen.

1. Navigate to your Finance > Orders screen 

The screens allow you to filter by account type, Payment Method and status. The system still allows you to look up the information my account# or order number.

2. Find the order that you would like to delete and click the 3 dots to the right of the payment method.

3. The menu allows you to view the order, delete it or download the PDF.  

4. The system will ask you to confirm your selection.  If that's correct click "Confirm Delete". Once completed you will get a success popup.  

Important: The order will be removed from the order history and reporting. This feature will only remove orders from the system. It will not make any changes to the payment status flag or remove previously purchased guest credits from member accounts. Admins will need to continue to make those manual changes following an order deletion. Once deleted an order cannot be recovered. 

If you need to refund a payment, you will do that through your account. Here are the instructions for refunding payments.

*Also, if the order contains Point Of Sale bills, those bills get reverted to unpaid and show up again on the bills screens and on the member side.

Delete an "on account" order  (POS & Front Desk Order - Known as Bills)  

POS & Front Desk Orders that are placed on account are held until the Pool Admin "Runs the bills" for the member. These POS & Front Desk Orders on account can be deleted just like any other order.    These orders can also be seen on the Order screen, (However the bill# is not shown. You must know the underlying POS or Front desk order # to delete these items)

1. Find the "on account" order that you want to delete.  (in this example 903)

2. Delete the order just as you would delete a regular order  (see steps 1 - 4 above) 

3. Results:  

Bill before the deletion of order 903 

The Bill after the deletion of order 903 reflects the updated invoice and the date the bill balance was adjusted.  


On Account Orders Display on the Finances > Create Bills Screen: 

When members purchase guest credits at the front desk and opt for payment method: On Account, those orders can be found on the Finances > Create Bills screen. When you are ready to send bills to members, those orders roll up into a bill and can then be seen on the Finances > View Bills screen. 

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