About the Orders Screen

Modified on Thu, 01 Feb 2024 at 12:08 PM

On the Admin menu, go to Finances > Orders. This is where to see orders that are paid, pending or unpaid status. The Orders screen is unique in that it is the only location that allows access to deleted orders. 

Orders Payment Status

Within the Orders screen, the admin can see at a glance the status of all orders. The admin can delete orders, view the details under the order and download the PDF of the order. Selecting multiple orders you can download in CSV or Excel formats.


Filter by Date and Searches

Filter by date or search by Field Type, Payment Status and more. 

There is a wide range of preset dates you can select, or you can choose your own range.

When searching, you have the option to either search by an order number, account number, or the billing member name.

Order Details

To view more details of an order, click on the tree dots next to the order you wan to see.  Then click view. 

Recording a check / Pending orders 

If an order is a pending check, you can clearly see it right on the screen

Click the 3 dots and select "record payment"  

The system will ask for the name on the check & the check number.  Enter the amount and click Submit.

*If you have a check that is an underpayment you can record the underpayment and follow back up with the member for the remainder, however we recommend that you reject checks that are under paid and require the full amount as tracking is easier.  

When completing, the payment status will update to paid and if there is an invoice, the balance will be updated to $0.00

Exporting to CSV

To export simply select the order that you want to export then click the Export button and select your format. 

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