Gravity View (Gravity Kit) for Forms - Overview

Modified on Wed, 18 Oct 2023 at 01:48 PM

Members Splash has implemented a new Gravity Forms Product for our Premium Plans. This will make viewing, sharing, updating and editing your Gravity Forms data quick and easy. It can even take a bit of the burden off of your social chair!  


To see the overview of what Gravity View can do for you, check out this quick 2 minute marketing video provided by Gravity View. Remember Gravity View is designed to give you and easy to "view" window into your Gravity Forms "data". 

If you think Gravity View may work for sharing your forms data then it's time to give it a try.  There are a few things you will want to do to prepare yourself for this project.  

1. Give yourself at least an hour to compete the tasks for "gravity view". 

2. Find a Gravity Form you are using that is good candidate for using Gravity View. 

3. Be sure to watch the 6 minutes video from Gravity View paying careful attention to the example here. 

4. Set yourself up a 'test page' so that you can embed your 'view' on the page.  While the permalink is great (for a while) having a new tab open with the 'test page' active allows you to see your updates quicker.  

Lets Get Started! 

Here is the Volunteer Day Sign up form that is the perfect for displaying in Gravity View. 

It has signup task, contact info, and a selection of duties that the volunteers will be doing 

And it needs to be displayed so that everyone at the club can see it.  

The Gravity Form that the members see. 

This is what we want to display to the members of our pool. We want everyone to see who is coming to volunteer day and what they will be doing. Its also nice to have the contact info so that member can arrange car pools or even encourage others to come help! 

The Gravity View that the members see.

1. Find a Gravity Form that you want to display to your members in Gravity View. 

2. Go to you WordPress Menu bar and Select "Views" (it should be next to Forms) 

3. select New View (give this view a name, "Pre-Opening Prep - Volunteers" ) and then select the Data Source to use for the View (the data source is just the entries from your form)    In this example it is the "Volunteer" form

4. The Gravity View will look like this on the back end. The most important information to get onto the page is the information on the "Entries Fields" section. That is done by clicking the "Add Table Column" button. 

5. Clicking this button will display all of the entries that are on your form. Some fields you want to display some you do NOT want to display.  Make sure you only display appropriate fields on the the View as everyone will be able to see the entry. 

6. Once your view is has all the needed data it time to put in on a page. 

  Copy the Gravity View Short code from the view (on the right)

Then take the short code to your Volunteer Day Participants page  and paste the short code into the description area. 

7. Preview your page for any updates and publish!

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