Gravity Forms Club Sponsorship Suite (Premium Only)

Modified on Wed, 18 Oct, 2023 at 1:17 PM

Premium clients have the Gravity Forms Club Sponsorship Suite included on their site.  

The Gravity Forms Club Sponsorship includes the following items:

  • 1 Gravity Form - Sponsorship Application
  • 2 Gravity Views: 
    • View titled “Sponsor Block” goes with the widget
    • View titled “Sponsors Page” goes with the page 
  • 2 WordPress pages: 
    • Page “Become a Sponsor”     
    • Page “Sponsors”                  

  • 1 widget  
  • 2 menu upgrades 

This suite is loaded with examples sponsorships so that the Pool Admins can view the setup and presentation.  

Part 1  -  Review the Pages and the Form 

1. Review the “Sponsors Page”. This is the page that all of your sponsors will be placed on. An example sponsor will be already loaded on the page 


2. Review the “Become a Sponsor Page”. This is the page is the one that your sponsors will come to to sign up to become a sponsor.  
3. You will need to update this page to match your business rules for your sponsorship.  Clearly you may not have the time or bandwidth to print banners for the "gold medal" level. Review your sponsorship goals and update this page accordingly.

4.  Review the “Widget”. The widget is placed on your events calendar under  the details of all your events. In this example  you would go to the Calendar, and click on the Christmas Day event. When the full page comes up the widget with your sponsor will who to the right.  In addition there are quick links to the Sponsor Information (i.e. “Sponsors Page”) and Become a Sponsor pages 

5. Review the Form "Sponsorship Application" . (you will need a basic working knowledge of gravity forms to complete these tasks) Take a moment to review some of the basic GF information.  

5a. THE SPONSORS VIEW:  The form is imbedded into the “Become a Sponsor Page” and thus looks and appears as part of the page. The form is a multipage, multi step form. It contains pricing updates and setup.  It requires the sponsor to fill in all of the needed data and pay for the sponsorship level. We advise you to walk thru this process. 



5b. THE POOL ADMINS VIEW: The form is an intermediate level Gravity Form. This view of the Pool Admins access provides you with the ability to update and change the form passed on your Sponsorship needs.  You will need to update the pricing element, verbiage, feed, Conformations, notifications etc. etc. etc. 

5c. THE POOL ADMINS VIEW: The form entries.  The form comes with sample sponsors in place. When a new sponsor comes into the system they are not immediately placed on your sponsorship page.  You must 1st approve them. A yellow circle means they in are in pending status.  Click in the box and you can change that to a green check.  

Part 2  -  Make your modifications to the Pages and the Form. 

1. The very first thing to do is to map out what your sponsorships will be for your club.  Our suite offers a three tier sponsorship layout.  However you may only want to offer two.  Sitting down white boarding your sponsorships using the layout we have provided is the best way to save time and effort when implementing your sponsorships. 

Once you have decided on the what level of sponsorships you will offer and the prices it time to update the system 

2. Update the Form to contain the pricing elements, verbiage, feed, Conformations, notifications etc. We encourage you to review all the articles on the Solutions pages regarding forms:   Be sure to save the page with each update.  

3. Next you will need to update the "Become a Sponsor" page for your  sponsorship levels. This page will need to match the pricing and verbiage in your form. 

4. Click on each of the icons will open up the details and allow you to update the price and offerings. The right hand box allows you to see updates you have made. Clicking save will update the page.  

5. Once you have made the updates to both form and pages it is time to test how it work.  The best thing to do it to sign up for a sponsorship yourself so you can see what your process will be. Use your clubs credit card to process a real charge. Review the card in to confirm that is appears and the pricing is as you expect.  Go to the form and approve the new sponsorships (Part 1 section 5c)   Then take a moment to review all the pages with your test sponsorships.  

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