Reservations and Taking Payments

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Many customers ask us "how can I take payment for a reservations?"   

We are planning on introducing 'paid' reservations to the current reservations system, but we are not yet there. Until then there are a number of ways your club can take reservations and get a payment for it. In all cases it is a 2-step process.  The best result will be based on the clubs business process flow 

The business process flow below is optimal for most clubs because it involves the lease amount of work for a volunteer board member overseeing reservations. 

The real question is "how are you taking your reservations?" and based on that you have to decide how best to use the system. Every club is a bit different. 

1. The typical flow is for the pool admin to set up the reservations that must be paid for in 1 facility group (like Party Area or Paid Party Areas).  

You would add your 'facilities' (like Pavilion or Child play Area) to the system. You would be sure to put "limits" on the facilities so that only 1 family at time can book each facility (most clubs do not allow more than 1 family to book an area) 

This allows the members to book the location on a first come-first serve basis,  without the pool admin checking calendars.

2.  Then put a note in the custom email that says the member has to pay by x date and direct them to where they need to go and pay.    (This is done in the Facility not the Facility Group)   

Determine where and how members pay for the party (via a product or a form).  (See When to use a Product versus a Form - If its a form add the link to the custom email

3. The last part is for the pool admins to check to see if everyone with a reservation has paid. 

To do that compare what you are seeing in the  Reservations >> Reservations>> with the payment method you used. 

4. If the payment method is a Products you can see that in the Transactions report 
5. If the payment method is a Form you can see that in the Form Entries. 

Below are some additional resources for reservations. 

Reservations (Details)   -



Reconcile the payment

Every club collects their reservations payments in a different way.  The simplest thing to do is to go to your Reservations Menu item and look under Reservations. Then select the dates that you want to reconcile. That will give you the reservations for the time frame, the name guest and other vital information.  

Then go to the Forms Entries or the Transactions Report (depending on how you are having your members pay) and compare the payment with the reservations.  (we recommend using the account number to reconcile using last name takes more time)  
You can pull up the emails on these right from the same page by adding the column for email. 

Lastly if your member have not paid you can delete the reservations anytime your wish from this page as well. 

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