Pricing Based on Account Tags

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Account tags allow you to segment your membership within and across account types. An example use case is clubs that offer a discount for members who volunteer at a pool clean up day. With account tags you can mark those accounts as “Volunteer” and then create a discount for them based on the tag, regardless of account type. You can also Bulk update tags. To learn more about Bulk updates click here. 

You can apply as many account tags as you like to an account and you can create complex pricing rules based on them. 


Manage Tags 


To add new account tags and manage any existing ones go to the Dashboard and click the Membership >> Accounts. 

This will bring up your Accounts screen. The Settings Button (with gear) will appear in the upper left hand corner.


Please Note: most of the Member Splash menu bar items have their own unique Settings Button (Front Desk, Point of Sale are particularly important) so please make use you are in the correct settings location.  

Click on Manage Account Tags

On this screen you can view your existing tags and create new tags. You can also delete existing & edit them by clicking on the 3 dots to the right.  Be careful when doing sodeleting a tag is permanent and will remove it from all accounts. Even if you re-create the tag you will need to reapply it to each account and update any product discounts that depended on it as the new tag will have a different term id in the database.


Apply Tags

All of the available account tags are visible on the edit account screen. Important: Account tags are not visible to members. They are meant strictly for admin use. To add or remove a tag from an account simply check the box next to it and then submit the changes.


Pricing Based on Tags

For products that have a fixed price you can apply a discount based on an account having a specific account tag. You can also combine discounts so it is possible to do something like a $100 discount for volunteers OR veterans and a $50 discount for seniors.


Show / Hide / Require Rules Based on Tags

Products in Member Splash can be conditionally displayed or required based on various criteria. For example, you could require all accounts with the account type “New Member” to pay a bond fee. The show / hide / require rules can also be based on account tags. In this example we’re showing a product only to accounts that have the account tag Senior.


Post Payment Rules Based on Tags


Post Payment Rules are just what they sound like — actions that can be triggered when payment is received for something. An example would be a rule that changes an account type from Offered Membership to Bond Holder when someone pays a bond fee.


NOTE: These rules are triggered when payment is received, not when the order is placed. If payment is by check the rules won’t be triggered until receipt of the check is recorded.


You can create rules that are based on an account having or not having a tag and the rule action can add or remove a tag. An example use would be charging a special fee to certain members. You can add a tag to the accounts who should pay the fee; create a product that is required for accounts that have that tag; and set up a post payment rule to remove the tag from the account when the member pays the fee. This is what that looks like:


Make the Product Required Based on an Account Having a Specific Tag


Set Up a Post Payment Rule to Remove the Tag When Payment is Made 

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