Once your Pool Admin has set up the items its time to start selling your goodies.  Your Club Staff will be the promary people making & taking Member or Guest Orders.  

 Begin by selecting Point of Sale, then New Order:

Members can quickly be searched simply by entering the member last name. Once you begin typing, member names will populate the screen.  Simply select the line for the correct member to begin the order:

Next select items for the order simply by clicking on the blue box of the item. 

Multiple clicks will increase the order quantity. Items selected will appear in the Order Details box. 

Items can be removed from the order by clicking the Trash Can icon. 

Item  quantities can be adjusted using the + or - buttons. 

Once complete, select the payment method (default bill to Account shown below) and click Submit Order.

Bill to Account is the Preferred method of charging for these items. 

The system gives you the option of printing the receipt if you wish. Please see the article on this toping under Point of Sale - Print Receipts.  

*Clubs can select to have there members pay paid in 1 of 4 ways. (Cash, Credit, Check, Bill to Account).  Cash, Credit and Check are all payment methods that are settled at the deck at the time of purchase.  Bill to Account must be processed (typically at the end of the month) by the Pool Admin and then emailed to the club members for payment