Add a new Member to an account 

To add members to an existing account, go to the Dashboard. Select the Membership then Accounts:


Search for the account (in this example we are using name), Then click the edit pencil on the account. 

The screen will present you with the basics of the account (the account level is the "home" screen)

Directly below you will see  Account Details , Account Notes, and Order History

To the Right you can select to view the Account (home screen) the Members or the Change Log.  

Click on  Member 

The following screen will appear.

To add a member to the account click in Add Members +

To edit the information on a member, click the member and edit the items that need updating.

Don't forget to click update in the lower right hand corner. 

Legacy Account screens  (NOTE these screen will be decommissioned, please refer to the new account screens above.)

Add a new Member 

To add members to an existing account, select List Accounts:

Search for the member:

Then hover over the acct# column and edit an account:

Click on Add Member:

Update a Member's Information