Zapier allows two different applications to talk to each other.  You create zaps to create a process which connects them.  They have a library of many, many zaps already created and the process to create your own is fairly simple.


Create a Google Spreadsheet with the same headers for the columns as the fields in your form.


You will need an account in Zapier.  If you don’t plan to have more than 5 zaps, you can use the free account.  A zap is the entire process, not the number of individual records it might write or the steps it will take.  Once you have created your account, you make a zap:

Since we are working to set up a connection between Gravity Forms and Google Sheets, we’ll start by making the connection to GF first.  Type in gravity forms and the icon will show up.  Choose it: 

Then you choose when you want it to begin.  We want it to be when the form is submitted: 

The next step is what will connect Zapier to your form.  Once you get this webhook, you will enter it into your form settings: 

Copy the webhook and place it in the Zapier feed settings in your form. Click on the form/click settings/click Zapier: 


Back to Zapier.  Now you are going to set up the Google Sheet connection: 


This step allows you to set up the submission: 


Add in your Google account:


Name the sheet and page it will be going for: 

Next you map the fields in the sheet to the fields in the form: 


You will test to make sure the entries are writing correctly: 

Click finish and then turn your zap on!