Deleting orders which ones, how, where and where not!

Modified on Tue, 10 Jan 2023 at 10:25 AM

As of 9/12 Clients CAN delete the following types of orders. 

Clients can delete pending orders from the view order screen 

Clients can delete completed orders from the view order screen

Clients can delete POS orders that are NOT on a bill - This is done from the POS View orders screen

In summary if the order can get to the View Order screen or is viewable on the Point Of Sale >> View Orders screen it can be deleted.  However there are some kinds of orders that do not make it to these screen here is a listing of them and under what conditions.  (In essence the order has to get to the view order screen to be delete-able) 

Clients cannot delete these kinds of orders - This is specific to 'on account' orders

Guest pass orders (on account) in any state (on a bill or not) cannot be deleted by the client.
Order (761) not on a bill and (760) in a bill

Point of Sale orders that are ON a bill cannot be deleted. (759) 

Guest Pass orders on a bill Cannot be deleted. (760)

Bills cannot be deleted.

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