Due to COVID-19 the majority of our clubs that are able to reopen can only do so while enforcing social distancing measures. To help them do that we have created an extremely easy to use, fully integrated facility reservation system. The initial release happened on Friday, May 22nd and since then we have continually updated it with new features and functionality. We will continue to enhance it throughout the summer so it's possible that some screen shots here may not match exactly as the documentation may occasionally lag the live product.

Admin Instructions

You'll find a new Reservations menu item in your Member Splash admin dashboard. The following videos and step-by-step instructions cover how to use it.

Create Facilities

How To Video

Member Splash’s facility reservation tool is designed to make it super easy to manage pool usage. You can either set a capacity limit for the entire club, or you can define individual club facilities that can be reserved independently, such as lap lanes, baby pool, etc.

To get started go to the Reservations menu in your Member Splash dashboard and click on Edit Facilities → Create New

Any facility you create is by default visible to members once you finish setting it up. You can use the Visible to members switch to start setting up a facility that you're not ready to actually publish yet. Just toggle it off until you are ready for it to be displayed to your members. A facility that is not currently visible will show the following notification in the admin settings screen:

For this example we’re going to set up a reservation calendar for the lap lanes and we've decided to call the facility Lap Pool. There are six lanes and we want to restrict usage to one swimmer per lane so we’ll set the capacity to 6. 

Next, you can set Booking Rules that control the first date a reservation can be made; the last day a reservation can be made; and how far in advance reservations can be made.

In the screenshot above we're saying that reservations can only be made for the months of July and August. 

Reservation Periods

This controls how far in advance a reservation may be made. In the screenshot above we have it set to 1 week. In conjunction with the Start and End Date settings this means that members could only book reservations for July 1 - August 31 starting on June 25 -- one week before the first available booking date.  Reservation periods work on a rolling basis 

Reservation Limits 

This controls how many reservations can be made by an Account (typically a family) or by the individual Members. The system has been built with the flexibility to do limits per day and/or per week.  We recommend that you do not make these limits over-complex.  In the above example a member is limited to 1 lap lane per day, and 3 for the entire week (the week being predefined as Sunday to Saturday)

Example Usage

In this example, you are allowing members to reserve slots one week in advance. Each week on Sunday you open reservations for the coming week. To do this you simply set the End Date to the following Sunday. Then on that Sunday you advance the End Date a week ahead.

Since reservation rules are applied per facility you have the ability to do things like allow lap lanes to be booked only for the upcoming day while allowing a picnic pavilion to be booked up to a month in advance.

Hit Set Schedule and you’ll see a week calendar with a grid for the times of day. Simply click on a block to create a reservable slot. You can drag the blocks to extend the length of the slot in 15-minute increments.

A typical use case might be allowing 45-minute blocks for lap swimming with a 15-minute gap afterwards to clear the lanes and wipe down any common points of entry like ladders and stair railings. Repeat for each day and then click Set Times at the top right. 

The final step is to click on Create Facility. You now have a reservation calendar for your lap lanes that your members can use to begin making reservations.

View Reservations

As an admin you have the ability to view and cancel reservations. In the initial release you do so by clicking on the date in the reservations calendar for a particular facility as shown below. We are currently building a number of advanced tools for reservation management including the ability to download reservations for all or selected facilities and selected time periods to an Excel file as well as the ability to search reservations (past and future) by account ID, member name, etc.

Displaying the Calendar to Members

A new page was created on all client sites where members can create reservations. The URL is https://yoursite.com/membership/reservations

This page is not automatically accessible to members. Unless they have that specifc URL there is nothing on your Member Splash website (Premium customers) or Member Splash portal (Essentials and Basics) that would take your members to the reservations page. 

Adding Link to Navigation Menu

For Premium customers (using a full website provided by Member Splash) you can add a link to it in your site's navigation menu if and when you want them to use it by going to Appearance -> Menus and adding a link to the page.

Depending on the layout of your site you may have more than one navigation menu that you wish to add the link to. For example, some clubs have a secondary menu in the footer of the site. If that is the case for your club you will see an option to select which menu(s) you wish to add the link to.

For a detailed tutorial on menus read this article.

The reservations page is only available to members who are logged into to their account. If they attempt to access the page while logged out they will simply be presented with the login form. 

Adding Link to Manage Account Screen

All plan levels have the ability to add additional text to the Manage Account screen that members are taken to when they log in. To add a button linking to the reservations screen follow these steps:

1. Click on the Pages admin menu link on the left side of the dashboard;

2. At the top of the page editor click on Advanced Layout Editor (if you're already using the Advanced Layout Editor it will say Default Editor and you can skip this step):

3. Click on the Content Elements tab. Here you have options to add many types of content elements to the page: blocks of text (where you could add a link); buttons; etc. In this example we'll use a Text block element but you can use something different if you prefer;

4. Drag the Text Block element into the content editor and then click on it to edit it. In this example we don't want the reservation link displayed at all unless the person viewing the page is logged in. So we'll wrap it in a pair of tags that hide anything between them unless the user is logged in;

5. Now we're going to click on the icon that looks like a magic wand in the toolbar. It lets you insert various content elements like buttons into your text block;

6. We're going to use the first choice, Button. There are a number of options you can control as far as the style and behavior of the button. The important things are to change the Label to something like "Make a Swim Reservation" and make it link to your reservations page. You also have the option to pick an icon to be used in the button, we're using the calendar icon. Click the blue Save Button to save your button settings;

5. The final step is to make the changes live by clicking the blue Update button at the top right of the page editor. 

Now when logged in your members will see the button that takes them to the reservations page:

Controlling Reservations Access

Member Splash provides tools to restrict access to any page of your site via the Restrict Member Access block found at the bottom of each page when you are editing them. You can limit access to the page based on account payment status and/or account type. The default is to allow access to all logged in members regardless of pay status or account type.

Only PAID members are displayed in the reservation form. For clubs that charge per-member dues that means members who have not been paid for can not be added to a reservation.

If you are using access restrictions you'll want to add a No Access Message that will be displayed to members who don't have permission to make reservations. We suggest including contact information in case a member believes their status is incorrect or has questions.

Adding Reservation Instructions

The reservation calendar itself is displayed via a short code. Short codes are essentially the same thing as a merge tag in a Word document -- a snippet of specially formatted text that gets replaced by something else when the page is actually displayed. The reservations page is otherwise just a standard WordPress page which means you can add any additional info. you like.

We recommend not having a sidebar on the reservations page and only putting additional content above or below the calendar shortcode.

On the page editing screen the first thing you'll want to do is make sure you are using the Advanced Editor. This allows you to design the page and add content via a suite of drag-and-drop tools. 

To add a block of text above the reservation calendar you would simply click on the Content Elements tab and drag a Text Block element into the page editor, then click on the block to enter your content.

The last step is to click the blue Update button at the top right of the page editor to save your changes and make them live.

Staff Instructions

Any user with staff, manager or board access can view the existing reservations via the Member Splash dashboard.

The reservations list presents each individual member reservation as a single row to make it easy to search and sort reservations and enforce any reservation limits your club might have created. In the screenshot below the Smith family created a reservation with three family members selected: Kate Smith, Bob Smith and Tom Smith. Although it was a single reservation each of them is listed individually.

Clicking on Manage next to any row in the reservations table will open a modal window with all family members on the account listed an all family members with a reservation for that time period and facility selected.

As you select or deselect members the reservation rules are rechecked. It's possible that you could be attempting to add someone to an existing reservation in a time period where only one space remained available. At the same time a member could be booking that final space. In that (fairly unlikely) case your attempt to update the reservation would fail with an explanatory message if the member's reservation was submitted prior to your update.

The Cancel Entire Reservation button does what you'd expect: It deletes the entire reservation. Just to be clear, if in the example above you were to uncheck Bob Smith and then hit Cancel Entire Reservation all three family members would lose their reservation. Before a reservation is cancelled there is a confirmation dialog to make sure it's really what you want to do.

Member Instructions

When a member visits the reservations page they are prompted to log in if they haven't already. They are then shown a current week view of your available time slots. If your club has configured multiple facilities, such as lap lanes and a baby pool, they can choose which facility to book at the top left.

Members can navigate between weeks by using the navigation icons at the top right or they can jump to any date in the future by clicking on the Select a Week button above the calendar view. 

Any reservation slots that have already passed or that are at capacity are disabled and grayed out. Hovering over any slot shows the number of available spaces. Slots are also color coded: Those with more than 75% of the total spaces still available have a green bar on the left while those with less than 75% have a yellow bar.

To book a slot a member simply clicks on it and a reservation window opens with all paid members on the account listed. They check off which members will be attending and submit to confirm the reservation

The reservation tool has also been optimized for mobile devices, making it easy for members to reserve spots from their phone or tablet as well as computer. On mobile devices they are presented with a day view with the ability to jump to any date via a calendar.

Managing, Editing & Cancelling Reservations

Members can and manage their reservations via the My Reservations tab on the manage account screen. They can view all of their past and upcoming reservations and can edit or cancel any upcoming ones. 

Reservations that have already concluded are hidden by default but can be displayed by toggling the Show Past button.

 The cancel button cancels the entire reservation and prompts the member to confirm that they really want to do that:

The Manage button allows them to add or remove members from an existing reservation. It adheres to the rules set up for the facility so members will only be able to add people to a reservation if there are spaces available, that member is currently paid and they have not exceeded any defined daily reservation limits.