When Member Splash first sets up your new site we configure all of the settings based on the information you provide. However, over time some of that information may change so it's a good idea to review before the start of each season. One particularly important one is the Administrative Email address, which is used when emails are generated and sent by the site. Examples would be when someone requests a password reset link or when a copy of a form entry is emailed to the person who submitted it. 

You find this setting under the Settings -> General tab.

It is important that this address be one that is authorized to send email from our server. To combat spam email service providers check messages against records that indicate which servers are allowed to send email on behalf of a specific domain name. If you were to use a Gmail address, for example, the email provider of the person receiving the email would get a message that says it is coming from gmail.com but the Member Splash server is not authorized to send email for Gmail.

If you are a Premium client and we are providing email service for your club then the email should be one using your domain. Ex: The address of your Member Splash site is https://superswimclub.com. You would use an email address like website@superswimclub.com

If you are an Essentials or Basics client or a Premium client opting to use another email service (not having us host your email) you have two choices:

1. Use a Member Splash address. This is how we set it up by default. If your Member Splash site address is https://superswim.membersplash.com we would add an email forwarder like superswim@membersplash.com that is set to forward on to the email address specified on your New Client Checklist. 

2. Authorize Member Splash to send email for your domain. This requires adding our server's IP address ( to the SPF record of your email server and adding a DKIM record. If you would like to do this please have the person responsible for updating that information contact our Support Center.