To reach the Member Splash settings  go to Member Splash Settings>> then click Member Splash Settings. No! that is not a typo. See the screen shot below.

There are 5 tabs in the Member Splash Settings that we will review. 

1). General Settings

This tab is used to set the season start and end date.  It's also used to direct members and admins to the proper screens upon login.

2. Account Settings

This tab is used for default settings:

  • password
  • state
  • account type
  • *whether to require emergency contact info
  • show the legacy account number
  • label that field
  • manage whether or not members will see billing screens

3. Directory Settings

This tab is used to enable the directory.  If you want it to be enabled - it will auto fill once payments are made - then click the check box.

4. Messages

These are all of the default messages for system notifications.  If you wish to add your phone numbers or email, this is where you can control the messages.

5. Forms

If your club uses a custom form it will be noted here.  All the choices for how you will allow your members to edit their accounts are in here.  If you want your members to have access to edit just about anything, you can check every box.  If you want to control the addition/deletion of members you might use a form for them to send those changes to you and not allow them to edit their accounts.