This plugin is suited to the various needs of the pools for volunteers:  A meets, B meets, parties, clean up days, etc.  To begin, click on Sign-up Sheets on the left hand menu side in the back end.  Click add new to add a new sheet:

Title the sheet.  Decide if this is a single event or a recurring event.  Add the days you'd like to have notices and reminders go out.  Add the name and contact info of the organizer:

Add details about the event. This will show up on the page where you set up the event:

Add the tasks for the event. If you want to have a column for the member to let you know what they are bringing, enable "details needed". Otherwise you won't need that field. Decide how many volunteers you want for each task and the times for the task:

Create a page.  Add this shortcode on the page (modify the sign up sheet number to be the id of the sheet you created) if you want a single sign up sheet to add to the menu.

Here is the documentation for the plugin: