This tutorial will show you how to sell guest passes to members at your front desk.  Please note that you’ll need to Configure your Check-In Settings before using this product.  If you have not yet completed that set-up, please stop now and follow the steps Dashboard - Front Desk - Checkin - Guest Credits.  Then, come back to this tutorial.

Members may purchase guest passes in two ways:  by logging into their Member Splash account, or at the front desk when they come to the pool.  In both cases, the purchases result in guest credits being added to the member’s account. Similar to a debit card, that credit balance declines each time that the member brings a guest to the pool.  The amount of the decline is based on the guest pass policy of your club and is set up when you configure the Check-In Settings.

Click on the Member Splash dashboard.  Then click on Check-In.  Select a member to purchase the guest credits.  Place a checkmark next to the member making the purchase.   The blue Add Guests button will display.  Click here.  The Guest Credits Screen will display.  

On the right-hand side is the Available Credit balance for the member’s account.  On the left-hand side is the Purchase Credit box.  Based on how the Check-In Settings were configured, the price shown in light gray will be the value of each credit.  Enter the number of credits to be purchased.  The Total will automatically be calculated.  Click the drop-down menu of payment methods:  Bill to Account, Cash or Check.   Select the desired form of payment and click Purchase.  

In the box on the right-hand side, you will now see that the purchased credits have been added to the member’s account.  These credits can be used immediately to admit a guest to the pool.