Member Splash is designed to help automate your membership process.  In Member Splash, an Account Type is a category of membership, usually with a distinct price.  A Product is any item that can be purchased by the customer when they log in to their Member Splash account.  Membership dues, guest passes, caregiver fees, pavilion rental fees are products.

The following is a list of the pricing parameters that Member Splash currently supports.  Don’t see your pricing variation on this list? Contact us to talk through your club’s pricing structure and see if our system is a good fit for your club.

  • Display or hide pricing products based on Account Type (e.g. Senior Member pricing is not shown to all club members, but only those who are eligible for Senior membership)
  • Price variation based on Member Type (e.g. children pay less than adults).
  • Price variation based on Account Tag.  Account Tags allow you to segment your membership within and across account types. An example use case is clubs that offer a discount for members who volunteer at a pool clean up day. With Account Tags you can mark those accounts as “Volunteer” and then create a discount for them based on the tag, regardless of account type.
  • Display or hide pricing products as needed (e.g. Bond Fees are only shown to new members when they are offered membership).
  • Display or hide pricing products based on account payment status (e.g. second half of a two-part installment is required only for those members who paid the first installment).
  • Per Member Pricing.  Ability to pay only for the primary member on the account (referred to as the Billing Contact in our system), or to pay for selected members, or to require everyone on the account to be paid.
  • Set prices based on the number of people on the account paying for membership. The first person to join is charged the price for Member #1, the second the price for Member #2, etc.
  • Set a maximum total charge if you cap your membership fees.
  • Age / Member Type Pricing.  Vary the price charged for membership depending on the age of the member or the member type — Adult, Child, etc.  This feature does require date of birth to be entered by all applicable members.
  • Early Bird / Late Fees.  Calendar dates trigger an increase or decrease in the base price of a product for a specified amount of time.
  • As many as 3 annual installments for larger fees, such as a Bond Fee.
  • Quantity limits. (e.g. only 3 booklets of discounted guest passes)
  • Post Payment Action. When payment is received for a product it can automatically trigger an action such as changing the account type or assigning / removing an account tag. You can add multiple rules and each will be evaluated independently so it is possible to both change an account type and add or remove an account tag by creating two rules.  Can be based on account type or account tag.
  • User Defined Price.  System administrator or member can enter the amount they are paying. This can be used for things like a donation product where the member can choose the amount they wish to give, and for adding custom charges or credits to an account.
  • Account Balance or Credit.  Track amounts to be paid or credited based on the previous year.  Balances and credits will be applied to the member’s first seasonal payment.
  • Guest passes.  Passes may sold individually or in booklets of any denomination or price. Purchases get added to the customer’s account as credits which have a declining balance as the customer brings guests to the pool.
  • House Guests.  Addition of non-family members to an account for the current season.  Select from either a flat rate or a date-based rate valid only for a specific date range.
  • Bill to Account feature. Clubs can choose to allow charges made at the pool (such as guest passes or snack bar charges) to be billed to the customer’s account.  Charges remain in the account as a balance until members are sent an invoice and requested to pay. Open charges are required to be paid before any further purchases can be made through Member Splash.

Member Splash does not currently support:

  • Recurring monthly payments
  • ACH payments


In order to set up the logic behind your club’s membership structure, we will need the following information:

  1. All the account types that exist at your club;
  2. Which products are available to each account type (for example, should Full members see/be able to select a Senior membership option?);
  3. The pricing, including discounts, for each account type.

Typically clubs provide a copy of their current membership renewal form or a separate document outlining the account types and price options. Things to keep in mind are early bird discounts or late payment penalties — we need to know the amounts and the correct dates for them to be applied for the coming season and required fees such as bond payments for new accounts.