Member Splash uses Gravity Forms, the User Registration add-on and a bunch of custom code to allow a Gravity Form that captures an application for membership to create a Member Splash account with a specific account type. As of 2019 it only passes the basic information needed to create a new account to Member Splash -- billing contact name and email, street address, and account type. Any additional info. a club chooses to capture, such as information on additional family members, is captured in the form entry but not by Member Splash.

Required Fields

The following fields ARE REQUIRED in order to successfully create the account in Member Splash. If you are importing the wait list form template they should already be set up and configured correctly. The key thing is that each one has to allow dynamic population and needs to have specific parameter names set.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email

Explanation: Any time any form is submitted you can hook into it and do something with the information being submitted. Member Splash hooks into the wait list form and uses the data to create a wait list account. In order for it to know which fields it should use we assign the parameter names. That way it doesn't matter if a club adds special fields or changes the name of a field or something. All Member Splash is looking for is those parameter names.

Specifying the Account Type

A form that is creating a new Member Splash account will be default add it using the account type specified as the default account type under Member Splash SettingsAccount Settings → Default Acct Type

If you want to create the account with a different account type there are two options: one where the person filling out the form picks the account type to be created and one where it is automatically assigned.

Member Splash Account Types Field

This is a custom field in the form editor found under the Member Splash Fields group. When added to your form it creates a drop-down member that allows the person filling out the form to select an account type. When added to the form it includes all existing account types at your club so you will want to remove ones that they shouldn't be able to choose from.

If present on the form this field will dictate what account type their Member Splash account is assigned.

If you do not want the applicant to choose their account type you simply click on the Advanced tab on the field and make it hidden.

 In this case you should have only one account type under Choices; this is the account type that will be assigned. You should also make sure that account type is automatically selected.

Payment Status

Most clubs charge a fee to join their waitlist. Our recommendation is that they make it an annual fee that the applicant must pay each year to retain their spot on the list. That not only brings in extra revenue for the club -- in some cases enough to pay for Member Splash -- it also keeps the list accurate as people who are no longer interested in joining don't pay and are automatically dropped while those who do pay can be prompted to review their information each year to ensure it remains accurate.

For clubs that are charging a recurring fee they will want the account to be created with the payment status marked Paid. When they make an offer of membership the account and members will need to be toggled to unpaid or else they won't be able to then pay dues. For clubs that don't charge a fee or charge a one-time fee they can skip that extra step by having the account created as unpaid. You know they paid the fee to join (if there is one) otherwise they wouldn't have a Member Splash account. To do that you can add an extra hidden field that you prefill with the value unpaid.